SR 028 Beru Quick-Start Kit

Fits Volkswagen Diesel
Golf I 1.5D Engine CK 76-83
Golf I 1.6D,TD Engine CR,CY,JK 76-83
Golf II 1.6D,TD Engine IV,JP,JR,ME,MF,RA 83-92
Jetta 1.6D,TD Engine 1V,CR,CY,JK,JP,JR,ME,MF,RA,SB 84-91
Passat 1.5D Engine CK 76-80
Passat 1.6D,TD Engine CR,CY,JK 92-93

Set contains 4x GN 857 plus Relay GR 031
5 or 6 cylinder models additional Glow Plugs are required

Environmentally friendly Ignition concept for Diesel fueled cars.
Short pre heating period of 3-7 seconds.
Post heating for up to 180 seconds. Diesel fuel burns more efficiently
when it is preheated during the warm up phase,
which also minimizing noise. Smoke levels are reduced 40% while
fume emissions decrease and the engine's life span increases.

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SR 028 Beru Quick-Start Kit
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  • Item #: SR 028
  • Manufacturer: Beru
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